Allons-y 2015!

So 2014 was an interesting year for me, it dealt with a lot of finding myself, embracing my own Dorkery, and coming to realize the importance of spending every day enjoying the things that make you really REALLY happy and rejoicing in it. But anyways here’s a great list of the best of 2014:

My top 5 favorite things in 2014:

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Aliens + Fighting + Off Beat Humor+ Awesome Music, who could ask for more!

2. The Hobbit

I had the fun of going to the Hobbit Marathon – one full day of watching one of the best Fantasy stories of all time surrounded by a room of nerds!

3. Comic Con

I lost my Comic Con virginity! Got to be front row and center for Sean Astin and Summer Glau!

01e030f47c2974b31fa150b20185df84156377ad31 summerglau

4. The Twelfth Doctor

So I know there is a lot of controversy if Peter Capaldi is a good Doctor or not. I mean he’s not David Tennant but he holds his own. They did such a great season finale to lead to the new Doctor with a different view on life… that I honestly like the whole dark/pessimistic side of him.

5. The Arrow/Flash/Agents of Shield

And finally comics brought to TV! So very very awesome! I can’t wait for the seasons to continue again! (And come on who isn’t excited for Marvel to introduce Inhumans!) Plus I feel like Felicity is my soul sister.

Things I’m excited for in 2015:
-Going to more Comic Cons
-Movies: Avengers II, Star Wars VII, Ant-Man, etc!
-New adventures!

What are your favorites from 2014? And what are you excited for in 2015?!

Happy Dorking!


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