Griffin in the House!

So I know I’m really late posting this, it was all over my Facebook like 2 weeks ago (even BuzzFeed did it, so it’s really not new news)… but I love this video! And honestly this guy exemplifies the point of this blog:



He has found a way to use his awesome skill and bring happiness to others with it! I hope one day I find a way to do that myself. Though one thing I wish on him and on everyone else, I hope one day he finds a job that he really enjoys and is able to use his gift every day.

Anyways, just felt like I needed to post that!

Happy Dorking!




Seriously! Who doesn’t love Deadpool?!?

As a recent Comic Book beginner/noob, I was soooo excited when the Deadpool movie test footage was leaked! Ever since, I’ve been reading past Deadpool issues on the Marvel U app every single night! (Who needs warm milk! The best way to fall asleep? Read Deadpool!!!)

I love this guy! A bad-ass superhero who not only fights bad guys but makes you keep guessing what he might do next. PLUS he has a complex back story that makes him question right and wrong… But honestly, the best part is the humor!

Oh also HUGE bonus, he knows he’s in a comic book!!!

Do you love Deadpool too? What’s your favorite thing about him? Any awesome Deadpool sitings at Comic Con?

Get excited to see the main man Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool on the big screen in February 2016! Counting down the months!

Happy Dorking!

For more information about Deadpool:

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