As a kid I was always really into playing games – I’d spend hours playing solitaire, Dr. Brain, Oregon Trail, a couple of old school floppy disk games but never got introduced to more than basic Mario brothers and Duck Hunt. About 5 years ago I played my first computer game MMORPG and chose to be a Tank and have never looked back!

I love playing the Tank – taking all the hits, trying to stay alive and keeping your companions from being destroyed is so much fun. I still haven’t had much experience but I’ve mainly played Lineage II, SWTOR, and Tera. My favorite being SWTOR.


this isn’t my girl but I had everything the same, minus the flying creature and slightly different hair. (http://charlizeart.deviantart.com/art/Charlize-Eva-Templar-196551238)

My first char was a Eva’s Templar on Lineage II, me and my friends hopped around a couple of private servers. I tried all different classes but never loved any more than my tank. On one server I became the Eva’s Templar Champion and on multiples I was able to get the best armor and join the best guilds as their main Templar. It was awesome.

But my favorite was Vanguard/Trooper on SWTOR! It was so badass! Not just because I got to play with an awesome guild but also because of the skills. I loved the grappling hook skill. In war zones I’d run to the aid of my team on the other side of the map and as I’d get close I’d grapple someone to me, stun him, throw a sticky grenade on the next guy, mass aggro the entire area, then throw protective skills on top of all my buddies! BOOM!

looks exactly like my char (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEGS1Ilv4hI)


Tera and the couple others I played were fun but nothing could beat tanking on SWTOR.

I’ve been invited to play others like League of Legions but haven’t been able to choose one to play.  I’d love any advice on the subject, help choosing a new game, and well to gab a little about gaming, so feel free to comment!

Happy Dorking!